Real Estate & Trust Litigation


Brinkley & Brinkley has vast trial and appellate experience in the areas of real estate litigation, trust litigation, and will contests. The firm set the record for the largest verdict ever rendered in Madison County in 1983 in surcharge litigation where the beneficiaries alleged proved that the trustee had mismanaged a trust account. See Spragins v. First Alabama Bank 475 So. 2d 512 (Ala. 1985), 515 So. 2d 962 (Ala.1987). Also see Wallace v. Putman 495 So. 2d 1072 (Ala. 1986).

Other trust and estate cases of the firm that have reached the appellate level include Radenhauser v. Doss 819 So. 2d 616 (Ala.2001), Howard v. Spragins 350 So. 2d 318 (Ala. 1977), Salters v. Salters 555 So. 2d 169 (Ala. 1969).

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