Car & Truck Accidents


In automobile/truck accident cases, the firm has obtained record multi-million dollar settlements. Firm attorneys understand not just the “rules of the road” and the special duties imposed on commercial and public carriers, but also the complex scientific and engineering principles often necessary to unravel just how an accident occurred on the roadways of Alabama. Having handled numerous car and truck accident cases, the firm has the resources to evaluate the injuries caused by an accident, as well as the economic and accounting principles needed to evaluate losses.

The firm has record verdicts and settlements over the last 30 years in automobile/truck accident cases. In 1981, the firm set the record for the largest personal injury verdict ever recorded in Madison County. The firm’s automobile cases have also been reported at the appellate level. See eq. Martinson v.Cagle 454. So. 2d. 1983 (Ala. 1984) and Williams v. Hughes Moving & Storage 578 So. 2d 1281 (Ala. 1991).

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