Seventh Intergraph Worker Files Suit Over Retirement Plan

Huntsville Times

A former Intergraph employee charging negligence and wilful misconduct is suing the corporation for $11 million in damaged.

Jimmy L. Pruitt is the seventh former Intergraph employee to demand monetary damages in a court case because of the administration of the corporation’s retirement, or profit-sharing plan.

Last month, U.S. District Judge E.B. Hamilton Jr. ordered Intergraph officials to pay more than $9.6 million in stock to Michael Murray, Terry Schansman, Randy Bounds, Charles Brinklerhoff, and Jerry Fisher. Another former employee, Frank Carlen, also received stock shares from the corporation.

Pruitt’s Lawsuit, filed last week, alleges that Intergraph officials, as administrators of the retirement plan, should have diversified the funds in the plan, in the best interest of the employees.

The suit, filed in federal court against company founder James Meadlock, his wife, Nancy B. Meadlock, and the Intergraph board of directors and stock bonus plan committee, claims that Intergraph breached its contract with Pruitt by not giving him his shares in the retirement plan.

Pruitt claims he has suffered financial hardship and emotional distress because of the corporation’s refusal to award him the stock shares, and that he has had to hire attorneys to protect, his interests in the retirement plan. Intergraph attorney Yom Crowell Friday declined comment on the case, assigned to U.S. District Judge Robert Hancock in Birmingham.

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