Jury Verdict Sets Record ($8.25 Million Dollars)

Huntsville Times

A Madison County jury today awarded a Huntsville man 8.25 million dollars in damages, -said- by court officials to be the largest amount ever awarded by a jury here- after he contracted leukemia while working for a hazardous waste cleanup company here. Bryan Ray Stewart, 24, sued Arzie Grimes and Russell Grimes, his supervisors at ATEC, after he worked there a year cleaning gasoline tanks being dug up from gas stations around the city, said Allen Brinkley, one of the Stewart’s attorneys.

Stewart’s attorneys argued that Grimesses knew that inhaling the gas vapors could cause lukemia, but the men did not caution Stewart or provide him with a mask, Brinkley said. Attorneys for the defendants could not be reached by press-time today. The trial lasted three weeks and the jury took 1 ½ days before rendering the verdict. Stewart’s condition is guarded, his attorney said.

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